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Stainless Steel Cutlery Set Buying Guide


The dining table holds a special place in every house. After all, that’s where every member begins their day with breakfast and finishes one with dinner. Keeping that in mind, it is highly likely that you will want to have the best set of cutleries that will ornate your dining. But what will define the best stainless-steel cutlery set for you? Here are a few aspects that will help you decide:

What determines the best stainless-steel cutlery set?

  • Size

Do you want it for day to day use or for the house parties? If you want it only for the family, then the size of the set should be small. If you need it to grace your parties, that will add up some more people to the list. So be ready to go for a big and pricy golden cutlery set or rose gold cutlery set in that case.

Even when you want it for family use, the number of people in the family will determine the best size of the cutlery set for you. Here is a quick guide to the readily available sets of cutleries in the market-

  • Canteen set

This type of cutlery set is especially suitable for the parties. They contain 44 to 124 pieces of cutlery in every set, each of which fits perfectly on their place in the wooden box that comes with them.

  • Box Set

This set of cutlery comes in cupboard boxes and hence the name. The box contains a plastic tray that may host 4 to 124 pieces of cutlery. This is an excellent choice for day to day use, especially the ones who have the optimum number of pieces.

  • Accessory Set

The accessory set of cutlery contains some add-on cutleries such as the cheese knives, steak knives, dessert knives, etc. Buy a black cutlery set or a white and gold cutlery set of this type as per the choices of the person to whom you are gifting.

  • Quality

There are three types of stainless-steel cutlery sets as per the quantity of Chromium and Nickel present in them- 18/10. 18/8 and 18/0. The number next to “18” shows the percentage of Ni/ Cr in the cutlery pieces. Nickel adds rust resistance to the pieces. But it also adds some extra expense to them. So, choose your set wisely!

  • Weight

The weight may vary from medium to extra heavy cutlery pieces. The medium-weighted pieces are bendable and the cheapest, while the heavy ones are durable and expensive. If you want the set only for home usage, then the medium weighed is the one for you.

  • Style

You have two choices in this one. Either go for old school design sets or go for some contemporary designs such as the Matt finishes.

Depending on all the above factors, choose the cutlery set that comes closest to your needs and preferences. That one set will be the best stainless-steel cutlery set for you. Also, make sure that you do not mistake silver cutlery set for a stainless steel one. They look almost the same.