2021 Best tips for buying Dinnerware Set - Fansee Australia - Fansee Australia

2021 Best tips for buying Dinnerware Set - Fansee Australia

Have you heard the saying “dinnerware is the soul of the dining room?”


Well, of course, you have. But buying any dinnerware set from the market won’t give your dining table or a room a charm.


You’ve been searching for your perfect dinnerware set for a while but can’t decide what to buy! Well, you are not alone. Average 10,000 search are made every month to search for dinnerware set. Yes, I am not crazy. Here it is the data from google search tool.

The decision seems endless when you have so many colours, sizes and materials to choose from. However, with a few quick tips, we can have you on your way and onto the next big decision – Which meal to cook first!


How many pieces should I buy in the set?


When choosing a dinnerware set, a big factor is the number of people you need to cater for. Many dinnerware sets either come in sets of 12 or 16.


But If you don’t have a big family, extra plates would just sleep at a corner waiting for guests.  Make sure you find a set which gives you room for happy upgrading rather than lousy downsizing.


Which materials are they made from?

Most of the dinnerware sets made from Stoneware, Porcelain and Bone China ( The Difference Between Stoneware, Porcelain, and Other Dinnerware )


For an upscale look, I choose porcelain, also referred to as China, where porcelain making originated. Its refined touch and glassy shine resonate cheerfully with cutlery, not to mention its strength and durability.


Eating in style makes my family happy and healthy.  Yes, porcelain is generally more expensive than stoneware and other materials. I’d rather skip a casual dinner outside, to be compensated by daily luxury at home


Colour, shapes, design and Size 

Bored of white dinner plates? 

Select a different colour that really POPS out and is the talking piece of your next dinner party.  Or choose a set that fits in with your table setting or kitchen appliances.  Play bold or play safe?  I vote for anything that stands out.


Simplicity is timeless

As for design, I would go for a timeless single colour rather than sophisticated patterns, which can appear outdated in a few years.   


Did someone say Blue Dinnerware

Holding a bowl of the colour of the sky and ocean feels like a holiday each day! I bet you would.

Underglaze or overgraze?

If you go for a colourful porcelain dinnerware, ensure that it has an underglaze instead of an overglaze. A glaze is a glass-like decorative coating applied to a ceramic body, then fused through firing.  When it is applied before firing, the technique is known as underglaze, safer for use with food-related pieces.


Size matters

How many people have bought a dinnerware set, taken it home and then realised that it does not fit in their dishwasher or cupboards properly?


It happens a lot more often than you would think. When purchasing your dinnerware set make sure that you pay attention to the measurements of the dinner plates and ensure that if you are using a dishwasher that they fit properly without touching the water spinner and that you will be able to close your cupboard doors when they are packed away. The last thing you want is to have to hand wash your dishes, right?!


Most importantly, have fun while you are shopping. The creation and design of your kitchenware are in your hands, and you have the final say.


Which dinner set will you be choosing?