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All You Should Know About whiskey!


Whiskey is one of the favorite drinks of those who consume alcohol—barring the locally produced Australian NED AUSTRALIAN WHISKEY (This first Ned Whisky batch was distilled from a mash of wheat in column stills at Ostra Distillers in Robinvale, north-west Victoria. The spirit was matured for two years in refill oak casks and then given a further 18 months in new American oak barrels.), whiskey is the most favored liquor across the world, according to recent studies. Although there’s so much to know when it comes to this golden drink, here’s a quick guide to learn the basics.  

Origin of Whiskey

The name Whiskey originated from the Gaelic language meaning ‘water of life.’ Although its earliest written records were around 1494, it’s believed that fermenting grains like wheat, corn, rye, or barley to make a distilled spirit, was popular much before that. Interestingly, just as whiskey casks and oaks gained significance early on, drinking vessels too were being designated as whiskey glasses.

Types of Whiskeys

True connoisseurs may probably identify types of whiskey just by seeing their colour in a whiskey decanter. Still, for others, it is easy to distinguish whiskeys based on their geographical source (Top 15 Scotch Whiskey Companies).

  • American: produced in the US and aged traditionally, this has a sweet, rich flavor.
  • Scottish: produced in Scotland and aged for a minimum of 3 years, this whiskey is more delicately flavored with honey or fruit-forward
  • Irish: produced in Ireland and aged for a minimum of 3 years, this has honey or vanilla forward
  • Japanese: bottled in Japan, this has floral/bubble gum notes
  • Canadian: produced in Canada and aged for at least 3 years, this has various flavor profiles

Whether it is a flavorful whiskey or a set of elegant whiskey glasses, Australia has plenty on offer for the whiskey lover!

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