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Cutlery set buying guide

Choosing a cutlery set can be intimidating, especially the market is flooded with many different designs, materials and colours. Given that the knife, fork and spoon are merely tools for eating, they hold a prominent place in a kitchen. Think about can you live without your sneakers, a towel, or a toothbrush? I bet no one can. Likewise, you can't have your daily meals without the help of cutlery.


You can find many cheap options, but no test or style. You can see many expensive options too; however, the question is everyone can afford to have them in daily use?


I have been obsessed with finding the best products for my kitchen since childhood. I love to buy kitchen items for my home and believe me, I do my research and go for the best one.


I have put together some simple ideas for purchasing the best cutlery sets. I hope you would like it. 



The cutlery comes on all kind of materials - silver, stainless steel, plastic, bone, wood and bamboo. 


It’s not rocket science when it comes to choosing material for cutlery.  The vast majority of cutlery sold, made of silver and stainless steel. If I narrow down the field, then stainless steel is the option. Why? When it comes to the cost of cutlery, silver can cost you a fortune. Yes, I am not kidding, can be thousands of dollars.


Alternatively, stainless steel cutlery can cost you between $20 to $400. Additionally, Stainless steel is a perfect match and mix for your modern kitchen table setting or parties.

So, let's ponder what's the stainless steel, and why it is the best for cutlery?


Stainless steels have a high resistance to corrosion and maintain high strength at all temperature. The aesthetic (high quality and pleasant appearance) and hygienic characteristic (the cleanability) of stainless steel makes them first choice in hospitals, kitchens, food and pharmaceutical processing facilities.


Now, you may wonder what all different numbers mean (18/0,18/8, 18/10,304, 430, 220 etc.) Stainless steel cutlery comes in different grades. The grade of stainless steel indicates the quality, durability and temperature resistance. 18/8 and 18/10 are the two most common grade used in food preparation and dining, also known as type 304(304 Grade). these number represents the portion of chromium (18%) and nickel (10%) in the stainless-steel composition.


Now, we know enough about stainless steel, Let's move on the styling.



The style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. So, it's an essential aspect of selecting cutlery. I let you decide what design you want to have for your table setting at home or your restaurant.


Make sure style doesn't have to come at the expense of weight of cutlery. Choose design and shape that have a balance weight. What do I mean balanced? That means not too heavy or not too light. Heavy cutlery causes the burden on your hand, while lightweight cutlery can compromise quality.


Pay attention to the polish of cutlery surface. If you like shiny surface go for the mirror polished, and if you like slightly rough surface then I would prefer having hand brush policed cutlery.


Nowadays, cutlery comes in different colours. Golden is my favourite. Have a look at how gorgeous they are in colour.

I love the mixer of contemporary and casual style, which brings fashion and luxury look to your table.



Another critical consideration is the size of the cutlery set. Usually, you can find 4 pieces set to 70 pieces set. Well, it comes to the question of how big your family looks like?


As per the Australian Bureau of statistics , the average household size in Australia was 2.6 people per household and is projected to be between 2.5 and 2.6 people per household in 2036.


That means, buying a 16-piece cutlery set (4 place setting) is an excellent option for most of the family.


Top of the iceberg is investing in something which goes a long way. Do you agree? So, how we get the most out of the cutlery set that we have bought!


As I mentioned above most cutlery is crafted in stainless steel, meaning that it’s built to last. However, it’s still essential that you look after your cutlery to keep it in optimum condition for years to come. As cutlery is in constant use, proper care and attention can go a long way to ensuring that it is in as best shape as possible.


When you’ve finished eating with your cutlery, try and wash it as soon as possible afterwards. It will help prevent acidic foods from staining blades, tines or bowls. Dry them straight after cleaning to make sure watermarks are kept to a minimum, as well as stopping potential corrosion due to hard water or harsh detergents.


Most cutlery is perfectly dishwasher-safe, but it’s still best that you dry it with a tea towel afterwards. You may have noticed dishwashers can often leave your cutlery spotted.


To avoid scratches, keep your cutlery in a tray lined with soft fabric. If you want to store your excess cutlery for a special occasion, wrap them in tissue paper and then tie it in a plastic bag which helps halt oxidisation.



Fundamental take ways are, choose a set you'll love because cutlery set is something that you are not going to buy more than a handful of times.


Cutlery set should feel beautiful, as you going to use it daily basis. That said, the design is the most important of all as the selection you made will largely depend on your budget, dinning style and test.


Considering the quality and size of the cutlery set also pay a massive part in the selection process.


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Do you have a great idea how to buy the best cutlery set, please comment below?