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How Macramé Wall Hanging Are Becoming Favourite Décor Craft

Macramé wall hanging is a beautiful craft, transforming into a modern art form. With versatile fiber art like macramé, using simple materials and embellishments has opened up many creative opportunities. From adorning walls to hanging planters, a favourite décor craft in macramé surprises a lot.



100% hand-woven macramé wall hanging is a gorgeous piece of art, especially if they amalgamate natural textures, vibrant colours and embellishments to make a perfect décor piece. What encapsulates the exciting history of macramé is its use in the 13th century – Babylonian and Assyrian carvings depict fringed braiding on costumes.


Contemporary use of macramé

After a long time, décor finds the attention it needs that may have been subsided earlier in different instances. You could use macramé for tapestry wall hanging or backdrop wall hanging, floating wooden shelf, curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc. The incredible creativity in outstanding pieces of work has opened a pool of choices for people to explore, adore and enjoy the charm of décor.

As a wall hanging planter, macramé can place small plants or books while sturdily adorning the wall in your home, office or cabin. Also, you could use it ideally for bathroom decoration, living room, home décor or gifting purposes. A macrame for hanging plants becomes a delightful sight inside your home or office. You could look for excellent options in the marketplace to find suitable designs. is the most recommended place to check out if you are exploring wall hanging in boho styles. You'll indeed find it from unique styles to excellently produced artwork. Moreover, you get to see a wide range of products, including beautiful table lamps, wall art prints, lifestyle goods, tableware and more.