Unique 5 Valentine's day gift ideas for her 2019 - Fansee Australia - Fansee Australia

Unique 5 Valentine's day gift ideas for her 2019 - Fansee Australia

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

The valentine day is just around the corner, and I bet you are looking for a sweet gift for your wife or girlfriend!  Well, you may opt for a necklace, bracelet, purse or beauty products, or you can think out of the box this Valentine day and surprise her with your gift of love and care.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by so many options out there? Let me select a few gifts that will add the icing on top your Valentine day

1.  The Gold Edge Coloured Wine Glasses Set 

If wine is a daily essential for her, these stunning golden edge coloured wine glasses set can be a delicious aroma for her wine. She would appreciate the eye-popping touch of elegance and the thoughtful design. You can take her wine drinking experience to the next level by introducing this luxurious glass set gift on the valentine day.

2.  The graceful Dinner set Aqua D’Amour.

A beautiful aqua lake blue dinner plate and bowl set can be a game changer. This perfect gift offers a pleasant space to plunge into for inspiration. High fire porcelain plates in aqua blue, feature the distinctive ice crackle glaze of 1,000-year-old formula. This crackled finish gives the glossy glaze subtle pattern and definition.


Eating is an art. Why not turning each meal into a blessing by 
gifting her this Aqua D’Amour.

3.  The Trois Couleurs Glass Vase

Does she love home décor?  Impress her with irregular facet vases reflecting your aesthetic taste.

Its timeless design, elegant shaping and sleek finish, will help her adds a luxurious appeal to home décor. These vases made of hand-blown glass, decorated with a light-reflecting metallic glaze, each piece has been handcrafted to showcase its unique finesse.  

4.  The Moon and Sixpence Silver Cutlery Set

This gift promises many fun evenings filled with tasty dinners.

With a sleek design, fabricated using very best stainless steel, this elegant cutlery set will reward her with great contentment and compliments from guests and family members. Make a stylish choice for your beloved hostess, and she will love it!

5.  The Gold Edge Coloured Champagne Glasses Set

Why not celebrate every special moment of your relationship with sparkling, fizzy champagne? To mark both the joy and sanctity of the occasion, buy this beautifully handcrafted champagne glasses set on valentine day.