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Why Whiskey Tumblers Make a Better Gift than Whiskey?


Are you planning to gift a bottle of whiskey to a whiskey lover? With countless factors to consider, are you contemplating what kind of whiskey they would like? You should consider amend your gift choice to a perfect set of whiskey glasses, instead of the golden elixir. Here's why whiskey tumblers make for a great gifting idea, often better than whiskey itself.

More durable

A set of whiskey glasses are more durable than a single bottle of a consumable liquid. Whiskey will eventually be consumed; either at one go in a party or over a period. On the other hand, if you gift whiskey glasses, Australians will surely cherish the set for much longer since these can be used multiple times. 


Greater personalisation

While certain alcohol bottles can be special editions or collector’s editions, nothing spells gift better than personalisation. If you gift someone a whiskey decanter or whiskey tumblers that are personalized for them, they are bound to fall in love with it and probably remember you each time they use it.


Easier to select

Although there are various shapes, sizes, and models when choosing a whiskey glass, crystal is often preferred. There are plenty of choices when it comes to gifting whiskey accessories. Yet, it will be easier to select from these rather than picking a whiskey, since flavor, age, and colour have all to be considered - a daunting task if you are a teetotaler yourself!


Gift a whiskey lover a splendid set of whiskey tumblers or even a whiskey decanter set, and you will indeed be thanked.