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Our Blue Dinner Set is everything you need to get the party started or to surprise your guests with meals served on beautiful backdrops. Our high quality, elegant and remarkable dinner plates will allow you to make that first impression, winning you your guests’ attention right away! These plate sets are beautifully designed and instantly takes your style quotient a notch up. Perfect for serving grilled sandwiches, salads, main course and more, every plate boasts of a lustrous blue that shines and sparkles, thus grabbing everyone’s attention.


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Our plate sets let you set up a gorgeous and welcoming table, urging your guests to enjoy their food and engage in endless conversations with each other. A perfect blend of simplicity and grace, these dinner plates are highly durable and easy to care. Place them atop your favourite table linen and add the much-needed charm and elegance to your evening get-together's and feasts.


Safe to use and place in the microwave or a warm oven, the Blue Dinner Set can be easily cleaned in your dishwasher after you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your moments with your friends and family. If you are tired of using the mundane dinnerware and want to add a splash of colour in your dinner set, then grab the plate sets now!