A love and passion for art have led us down a path to create a business which is a socially conscious and contribute to society through… We believe in the power
of LOVE, CARE and SHARE.    

“How did we roll into this?”

 We find pleasure in doing things that connect our souls. Cooking a meal, preparing candlelight dinners, decorating homes, practising yoga, calligraphy or painting, all an expression of art and synonymous with the things we love and do. 

Having both manoeuvred through the corporate arenas for a long time, we realise that our unusual combination of skills and interests in artistic activities is a strength, not a burden. We gave up the security of the 9 - 5 hustle in favour of starting our Fansee journey.


Which Brings Us to You!

 We are here to serve, share and care. We commit ourselves to bring you the very best of what we're learning, and keep it real and honest as we create new experiences together.

We’ve built Fansee on the essentials of love and passion. LOVE IN DOING GOOD FOR OTHERS AND PASSION FOR PEOPLE AND INSPIRATION.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. We are thrilled and excited for the journey ahead. Create with us, learn with us and love with us.